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Mademoiselle Bijoux Interiors

Nancy B. Fox

Mademoiselle Bijoux is Nancy B. Fox. A local artist & entrepreneur, Nancy’s sixth sense about interior design & spacial awareness transcends time.

From small room enhancements to  full-scale redecorating projects, Nancy will assist you in achieving your design project goals.


It all starts from home and Nancy Fox’s home in Clayton, MO is a uniquely styled duplex dating back to 1927. It originally belonged to St. Louis-based sportsman and politician Dwight F. Davis, founder of the Davis Cup international tennis tournament and was a member of the Cabinet under President Calvin Coolidge.

As of late, Nancy has established a presence on AirBnB offering room & board to those lucky few willing to experience luxurious accommodations at a reasonable price.

-Nancy Fox’s Clayton, Missouri residence.

Creative Artist

Nancy lets her magic & talent shine the moment she enters a work space. Organized and methodical are words to describe her work ethic. Her forte is in interior design and her spacial management skills are second to none.

“…I’ve been blessed with a great sense of spacial awareness… the process is complex, but it all starts with a few minutes alone in the room…”

-Nancy B. Fox

Nancy’s other entrepreneurial talents span across many disciplines in the creative arts. Even though she spends most of her time as an interior designer, her interests have expanded into other artist adventures including faux-finish painting & creating unique home accessories. In addition, if that weren’t enough, she has for the first in her career begun to write a musical comedy.


Most noteworthy, Nancy’s knack for the unique doesn’t stop in the design room. As an accomplished jewelry maker. For example, Nancy recently has repurposed 17th century shoe buckles into one-of-a-kind bracelets & cuffs.

-Mademoiselle Bijoux Jewelry made from vintage 17th century French shoe buckles.