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Local Artist Partnership



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Using the form below, you can send us your story and tell us about your talents. After telling your story, please include the examples of your work (via attachments) that you think should be chosen. The attachments would be a modest size electronic portfolio, presentation or set of images; the details of which is explained in more detail below.

Once we receive your information, we will take a look at your work and decide whether your items are the right fit for our store.

The philosophy behind our choices stems from assessing the quality of the work, the uniqueness of the work as well as the artists’ talents and background. If we like what we read and see, we will be in touch.

The partnership is transparent and leaves you in control. If your items are selected, we will begin discussions of our policies for either purchase or consignment as well as discussing your questions, concerns and requirements.

We look forward to seeing your favorite creations and reading your story.


Please give details about your art creations here.