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Lotus Lamp


Wrought Iron Frame.
Table Size. Outdoor.
6 colors available.

  • Green
  • Multi
  • Natural
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Sea Blue

The Lotus Table Lamp resembles the elegant flower and uses real leaves in the shade construction. The budding shape produces upward light while illuminating the bold colors of the leaves from the side. Features cocoa leaves laminated onto UL lamp backing and stitched onto a powder coated wrought iron frame.

This lamp features a built-in outdoor LED lighting system designed to get wet and last 15+ years. Each bulb produces 800 lumens of light (similar to a 60-watt bulb) at a color temperature of 3000K. The lamp should be brought inside when temperatures are below freezing. Do not submerge the lamp or electrical in water.

Handmade in the Philippines with natural materials. Variations may exist.

TABLE: 15″ tall.

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