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Wave Giant Lamp


Wrought Iron Frame.
72″ Tall. 6 colors.

  • Green
  • Multi
  • Natural
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Sea Blue

The giant Wave lamp puts decor into motion with its relaxed and oscillating design. Your eye will naturally follow the vertically placed leaves as they are guided along the curvy shape. The corners are framed with abaca rope giving the lamp added texture.

Features fossilized cocoa leaves that are hand-placed on a standard UL lamp backing and then laminated, creating each of the four sides of the lamp. The panels are hand-stitched onto a powder coated, wrought iron frame to form a curvy design. The corners of the lamp are accented with a thin abaca rope which is woven around the metal framing.

Handmade in the Philippines with natural materials. Variations may exist.

LARGE: 48″ tall.
GIANT: 72″ tall.

Weight10 oz
Dimensions13 × 10 × 72 in
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